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"Since Tapetes São Carlos started its partnership with Pedro Franco and A lot of Brasil, Pedro's dedication and passion for A to Z design work have made all the difference.

Within our project, Pedro took on the leadership role, developing a concept of holistic strategic design that is at the same time simple and easy to understand and communicate. However, in my opinion, the project's success is even more based on Pedro's total dedication to making the devised strategy happen on a day-to-day basis. In this way, it was possible in a short time to create impactful and sustainable results in marketing and design.

I hope to continue this partnership for a long time; there are few partners who allow the work to flow so easily and efficiently."


CEO of Tapetes São Carlos.


Itroducing the lines of thought present throughout Franco's collections to Tapetes São Carlos' tapestry mastery - from regional lacing techniques to the practice of Kintsugi.


To refresh Tapetes São Carlos' visual identity and include rugs and carpets as part of Alotof Brasil's collections, including the scope of products offered by the company. 

Key Actions

Development of a variety of products across six unique collections.


Tapetes São Carlos new line Confiance's logo rebranding and visual identity. 


Amibad 2022 stand design.


Series of speeches hosted by the company.


Filming and making of video promotional content.


Institutional videos.

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