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"While following various international brands from different segments, I was always attracted to seeing design as a way to add value to brand positioning. Pedro Franco helped us to see very clearly that design is a platform for capturing value in our chain. His broad knowledge about various production chains from other sectors made us think outside the box and discover new possibilities that could be implemented in our industry. The exercise of guiding us to look within our company and capture our essence was one of the most valuable experiences Pedro gave us."

-David Silveira

CEO of Granos.


To create a fresh visual identity for Granos.

Known for high quality granite extraction, Granos provides stone for a wide variety of uses. Through Pedro Franco Strategic Design, the brand now showcases their products to customers in a polished and approachable way that values interaction with the customer and the value of the material.   


"The perfect imperfection." By building a visual identity around the irregular nature of stone, Franco brought value to the uniqueness of Granos' product.

Key Actions

Development of 4 exclusive collections.


Institutional video art direction.


Revestir 2022 stand Design.


Consulting and design of Visual Merchandising materials.


Dining table design for Alotof Brasil's Kintsugi collection.

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