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"It is in the hands of talents like architect and designer Pedro Franco that our panels come to life, transforming into dreams, emotions, and Brazilian essence. His works have a unique identity, and his knowledge across various segments allows us to see new possibilities in our market. Moreover, he has taken our products to the world's major showcases, and being part of this journey is undoubtedly a great joy and a source of pride for Arauco do Brasil."

-Flávio Verardi

Marketing and Product coordinator,



By highlighting the conversation between artisanal and industrial, Arauco's materials are valued by their flexibility and close relation to nature and humans.


To innovate commercial approach for
direct sale, producing exclusive collections,
and brand positioning.


Key Actions

​​Technical visit to the factory and understanding of values and differentials of the company.

Collection development consisting of more than 100 fabrics.

Art Direction for making showcases and visual merchandising material.

Pricing policy. Implementation of new distribution policy directly to points of sale.

Art Direction for presentation at the Milan Hall.

Technical visits for development follow-up and interface with internal engineering sector.

Color trend search (company availability).

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