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Poltrona Orbital 1_alta.png
orbital5-sem fundo.png


The Orbital Armchair, was the first piece created by Pedro Franco. The piece is based on the concept of Recontextualization. It is created from air cameras, which interlaced generate ergonomic set, suitable for use function. Due to his unpublished proposal he was awarded 1st place in the Brazil Faz Design 2000 Competition, exhibited at Fuori Saloni, during the Milan Salon in 2000. He was then invited to participate by the curators (Vai Pasca Giulio Cappellini and Paola Antolelli) of Mostra ABITARE IL TEMPO (Verona, 2000). The piece is cover of the Scenari Del Giovane Design Book (2000, Pasca, Vanni | Editora Lupetti).

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