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Design Coordination

Develop Products


Invited Designer: Alessandro Mendini (Italy)

Product: k2 Sofa
Industrial Process: Rotomolding and New Polymer (Eco wood Plastic)
Year: 2014
Collection: Lacquer Sofa, Eco-plastic sofa

Invited Designer: Luca nicheto (Italy)

Product: Glocal sofa
Industrial Process: Steel (Structure) and Fabric
Year: 2017
Collection: Upholstered Sofa (2, 3, 4 seats) + Airmchair

Fabio Novembre - Sofa RPH couro (2).png

Invited Designer: Fabio Novembre (Italy)

Product: RPH
Industrial Process: Rotomolding (Biggest Aluminium Stamp in brazilian design history)
Year: 2013
Collection: Plastic sofa, Upholstered Sofa

DSC_1158 branco.jpg

Invited Designer: Campana Brothers (Brazil)

Product: Estrela Collection (New Production System, developed and patented)
Industrial Process: Laser Cut, Robot Soldier, Stamp
Year: 2015
Collection: Chair, Airmchair, Center Table, Side Table, Dinner Table, Sofa, Lamp

Invited Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi (Italy)

Product: Bamboo Collection
Industrial Process: Steel (Structure)
Year: 2016
Collection: Airmchair, Sofa


Invited Designer: Nika Zupanc (Slovenian)

Product: Maid Chair
Industrial Process: New Technich, Injected Sugarcane, Manual holes, aluminium fused
Year: 2013
Collection: Chair

Karim Rashid - Cadeira Siamese (11).png
Xavier Lust - Cadeira Cone 3 preta_.png

Invited Designer: Andrea Borgogni (Italy)

Product: Cariri Chair
Industrial Process: Wood worked in CNC
Year: 2017
Collection: Chair, Armchair, Dinner Table

Invited Designer: Karim Rashid (Egypt)

Product: Siamese Chair
Industrial Process: Rotomolding, and Steel
Year: 2014
Family: Chair

Invited Designer: Xavier Lust

Product: Cone Chair
Industrial Process: Aluminium stamped or New International Techniche (Hotstamped with
Sisal fiber)
Year: 2013
F!amily: Chair

rosa neon.png

Invited Designer: Pininfarina (Italy)

Product: Beach Chair
Industrial Process: Rotomolding and Calendared Profile
Year: 2013
Family: Beach Chair


Invited Designer: Anna Gili (Italy)

Product: Blossom Carpet
Industrial Process: carpet, industrial Process
Year: 2018
Family:Square Format


Invited Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi (Italy)

Product: Maid Chair
Industrial Process: Carpet , Industrial and Manual Process
Year: 2018
Family: Square and Circular Format

Nika Zupanc  - Lace Lamp 2.png

Invited Designer:Nika Zupanc (Esloven)

Product: Lace Lamp
Industrial Process: Rotomolding Process
Year: 2014
Family: Lamp

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