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Kintsugi Cabinet 
collab Arauco


With a simple shape, referring to the natural wood log, more precisely from the Sucupira Wood (a traditional tree in the Brazilian forests) comes the concept of the Kintsugi Arauco Sideboard.

With a simple touch, the piece opens as if the trunk dematerialized.

In the aesthetic sense, the initial minimalist appearance (basic rectangle) gives place to the piece with sinuous characteristics, finishes and different colors.


Limited Edition Version 1: MDF Melamine Sucupira,Melamine  Damasco

Limited Edition Version 2: MDF Melamine Escarlate,Melamine  Titan

Dimension: 2,00 x 0,50 x 0,50

Year: 2022

Sustainability: The melamine panels used in it come from sustainable management and FSC certification, by the largest forestry company in the world, Arauco

The company is also certified as zero carbon emission.

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